Multifunctional manual juicer

Multifunctional manual juicer

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Multifunctional manual juicer

Using fruits as raw materials,

on the basis of not destroying the fruit cells,

the fresh pure juice is extracted by physical methods


Healthy life, taste life.
In order to supplement the nutrition and vitamin C of the body, eating too much fruit is too easy to be full, so squeeze the fruit into fresh juice, and it will be easy to take in a cup of rich and nutritious beverage.
Then this multi-functional manual juicer can meet your needs. The operation is simple and convenient. It only takes a few minutes to get a glass of fresh juice. It can also allow children to operate by themselves and experience the little fun of cooking.

【Suitable for many kinds of fruits】



Product details



Twelve-needle fixing position: It can better fix the fruit and ensure that the fruit is firmly in the screw cap and not easy to slide.

Six-blade pulp fixing groove: The six-blade fixing groove is evenly divided to fix the pulp more deeply, which can better play the role of juicing.

Trapezoidal inner semicircular filter hole: All-round filter hole design ensures smooth juice filtration.

Anti-skid ring at the bottom: There is a silicone anti-skid ring at the bottom for easier operation.






Product parameter

Color: orange, pink

Size: cup body 9.5*175CM

Contains: cup lid, juicer trough, cup bottom

Material: ABS food grade plastic material

(no peculiar smell, cannot be blanched directly with boiling water)



1. Due to different measurement methods, there will be an error within 1-3mm.
2. Color difference
Therefore, the products are all taken by photographers. After correction and production, try to keep the pictures consistent with the actual objects. However, due to the deviation of the lighting and the display, personal understanding of the color difference, etc., the actual object and the picture will inevitably have a little color difference. The color of the product is based on the actual object. quasi.